Thursday, June 13, 2013


You all know I love Thursday, for all its randomness!
Here goes...

1. Today was the last day of school for my kids. Now they're mine, all MINE! I have so many summer plans for them, they'll be sick of me by August.

2. Docs office called today. Gallbladder is not functioning properly. It's actually only working about 15% of the time. Not so great. Doc says it's gotta' come out.
This is actually what I've been wanting ever since my symptoms have gotten so bad. However, now I'm scared to death!
Ugh, another surgery. More general anesthesia. More recovery. No gym for a few weeks.
I'm terrified.
Surgery is scheduled for July 1. Wish me luck!

3. Now that I know I only have 2 weeks to get stuff done before surgery, I'm nesting again. I was outside for a few hours pulling my mutant weeds this afternoon. I could be out there for 2 days and still have more yard work to do. There's never enough time.

4. I'm excited for the possibility of being able to eat solid food again. It's been far too long!

5. I'm scheduled to run a 5K on July 20. Pretty sure I'll be walking, not running that one.

6. I got a speeding ticket today. Obviously the big jerk who gave it to me doesn't realize my brain is mush because I'm being slowly poisoned from the backed up bile in my system.
We're in a rural area so the speed limit goes from 55 down to 25 as you approach the town. Guess where I was when he stopped me? Yeah. Not cool.

7. I'm exhausted ALL THE TIME. Guess what that's a symptom of?
Yup, gallbladder disease. Who knew!

8. I was injected with radioactive material for this last scan. I was told not to get too close or cuddle with my kids for 24 hours since I would actually be radioactive.
I explained this to my kids. They were terrified and wouldn't come anywhere near me!
At 5:50 this morning, my oldest came down and hopped into my bed to catch up on all her lost cuddle time. Gotta' love her.

9. We're disputing the bill for the last scan where the Radiologist insisted I didn't even have a gallbladder. There's no way I'm paying $1,500 for incompetence. Thank you very much.

10. I don't often drink, but I think tonight just might call for a beer.

That's it for now folks. I hope you have a great night.
Be well!

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Beth Ann said...

Ugh, speeding tickets. Thinking of you with your surgery. I know it can make you nervous, but you will feel so much better when it's done. Hugs!