Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Gallbladder Saga, days One and Two Post-Op

Well, I finally had the gallbladder surgery, and lived to tell about it!
You may recall I was concerned I would die on the table and leave my kids without a mom. I'm happy to report that didn't happen.

Sunday night I didn't get much sleep. The anxiety took over and I kept having bad dreams, like the doc telling me he found cancer during the surgery. It was awful.

We got up bright and early to make the trek to Illinois, to the surgeon I trust with my life. Just before we left, we were all sitting in the sun room talking and hubby asked me if I was nervous. I confessed that I was and he was trying to reassure me with kind words. Just then the biggest, brightest, most beautiful Cardinal I've ever seen sat in the tree outside my window.
For those of you who don't know, the Cardinal was my mother's favorite bird. She used to say she would come back as one if she could, and that we should think of her whenever we see one.
I believe it was my mom letting me know she was there with me. I truly do.

We got to the hospital and they checked me into pre-op waiting room #12. I told the girls it was lucky since both their birthdays are on the 12th of the month. Then my little one says "It's also the day Mema died!". Um, let's just stick with the positive here kid.

It took 3 nurses, and 6 attempts, to finally get my IV line running. I look like a pin cushion, and I'm sure I'll be a bruised mess by morning.
As soon as they got that 'relaxation' medicine going, I was flying high and had forgotten all about my anxiety. I don't even remember getting wheeled into the operating room.

Surgery started at 11:45am. and the doc was on the phone with my husband at 12:20pm. telling him we were done and everything went well. That man is fast!

The car ride home was pure torture, and let's just say I'm glad they gave me a baggie to take with me. I needed it. Three times.

I am not in a lot of pain. The worst part has been the nausea. I know it's from the anesthesia, but it's awful.
It took me from 3:00pm. yesterday, until 3:00am. today to finish one 11oz. protein shake. I took tiny sips as I could, just so I could take the pain meds without upsetting my stomach.

I'm allowed 2 pills every 4 hours but I've been taking 1/2 of a pill every 3 hours. Just enough to keep ahead of the pain, and not make me sleep all day.

The two best things so far are I am NOT experiencing any of that horrible gas and shoulder pain everyone talks about. He must have done a good job at getting it all out during the surgery. I know they try to get some out before you wake up, but it doesn't always work. So far, so good with me.
Also, I had heard (and seen on You tube) that the surgeons go through the belly button with the big scope and leave a big hole that has to be packed with gauze. That was the one thing I was terrified about. I didn't want a big ugly hole in my belly button!
Well, I'm happy to report he didn't even cut me there. He made a very tiny incision just about the belly button. You can barely see it!

Still nauseous and tired today, but taking it easy. Hubs is home this week so I'm in good hands.
Eating is the last thing on my mind, but I'm pumping the fluids.
I did take some pre-op belly pics and as soon as I'm up and around, I'll take some new ones and post the comparisons.

So, overall, it hasn't been too bad.
I'll try to post more tomorrow.


Sarah G said...

Hang in there! I know from experience that as long as you take it easy and don't over do it, recovery from gallbladder removal is pretty quick. :) ((hugs))

Dawnya said...

So glad your procedure went well and you are home resting. I'm glad your mom (the cardinal) showed up right when you needed her. So sweet.