Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Post-Op Appointment, and Other Stuff

I have my post-op appointment today. I was lucky enough to be able to have my general physician do the appointment locally, which saved me 4 hours of car time. My surgeon is in Illinois and I really didn't want to have to go back there for such a quick appointment.
Everything checked out A-OK.
The problems I'm having with eating chicken are apparently normal at this point. Normally when a person eats a meat product, or anything that requires more bile for the body to break down, the gallbladder steps in and starts shooting out bile. Well, when you don't have a gallbladder, or one that is diseased, there is no bile and the body doesn't know what to do. That's why about 30 minutes after I ate chicken, it came back up completely undigested. Makes sense to me.
He says I can keep trying, since the liver should eventually take over where the gallbladder left off. However, I'm not so sure I want to keep trying and and throwing up! Becoming a vegetarian is looking more and more like a good option for me.

I've gained 4 pounds in a week. Being able to eat more has its drawbacks.
I go back to the gym in full force next week.

I'm having a hard time with how fast summer is going by. It's been really chilly this week which doesn't help much. I enjoy having the kids home with me (for the most part). I hate the thought of them going back to school in just a month. I feel like there's more I wanted to do, and not enough time!

My oldest daughter has science camp this week. She's been loving every minute of it. I didn't send the younger one, even though she's old enough to go. We felt it was time that the older one got a chance to do something just for her, without her baby sister tagging along. That was a great decision!

My younger one told me today that when she's a teenager she wants a TV in her room. She said "you know, after you tuck me in and kiss me goodnight, I could watch a little TV before I fall asleep".
I asked "Are you sure that when you're a teenager you'll even want me to still tuck you in?". Her response was "Yes!". Ahh, the innocense of a 6 year old. I'll have to remind her of this conversation in a couple years.

Hubby is in Chicago at a Cubs game tonight. Ironically, they're playing the Brewers. We joked about who he should root for, since we lived in Chicago, but live near Milwaukee now.
I told him if he values his life he better cheer for the Cubs! When in Rome...

Since hubs is not home, the kids are having pizza for dinner, then we're going out for a girls only ice cream date for dessert. Fun stuff!

That's it for now folks. I hope you're having a great day.
Stay well!


Caron said...

I haven't had kids in school in many years but I was amazed that the students here start back on August 5th. Wow, they don't get much time off.

I would probably think that being a vegetarian was preferable too. I hate going through stomach distress.

Dawnya said...

I'm glad that you are healing properly. Ugh...let's not even think about school. I'm sending my baby girl to kindergarten in 1 month. I'm not ready.

Beth Ann said...

I know my BFF had some trouble right after she had hers out, but she can eat almost anything now.