Wednesday, July 3, 2013

"Where's the 41 Year Old Woman?"

I must share with you the best story from the day of my surgery.

I'm in the post-op holding area. It's where they line up all the people coming out of surgery. You stay there for an hour or so as you come out of anesthesia and have vital signs monitored. It's a long room with patients lining the walls on each side.
After about an hour, if all goes well, a Patient Care Tech. comes and wheels you to a smaller, more private room in a different section of the floor.

I hear the voice of a woman asking my nurse "Is this my patient?". She told her yes, she could take me to my room.
She giggled and said "I have to tell you, I've already walked through here twice looking for you, and had to go back to the nurses station to check the chart. I thought I read it wrong. My instructions were to get the 41 year old woman. I couldn't believe they meant you! Seriously, I guessed you were in your late twenties, MAYBE early thirties. I just can't believe it".

Of course I told this angel that I loved her and that she made my day.
I wonder if I can hire her to follow me around and give me compliments all day!

Have a great day folks.


Sarah G said...

Now there's a GREAT nsv!

Dinnerland said...

LOVE that story, as a nearly 43 year old now.
Good on ya!

♥ Drazil ♥ said...

Doesn't surprise me at all....that's so much fun. I would have kissed her.

Beth Ann said...

One of the best blog posts EVER!