Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cream Puffs and Cookie Cake

Today is our 9 year wedding anniversary. We celebrate things in a big way in our family.
This year the celebrating started 3 days ago. While I was at a birthday party with my oldest, the hubby and younger child went to the store and got a cookie cake, along with a beautiful mum for the yard.
I haven't had a cookie cake in many years, so they couldn't know how much I LOVE cookie cake. I'm pretty sure I could eat the whole thing. I did not.
I had some on Sunday, and some yesterday, the girls each had a piece, and the rest is going in the freezer. This is dangerous ground for me.

Part 2 of our anniversary celebration was the hubby taking the day off from work yesterday, and us taking the kids to the State Fair. We hadn't ever been before, but heard it was awesome.

Since moving to Wisconsin we've been hearing a lot about the famous cream puffs. We promised the girls that they could split one (they're huge) at the fair. They were really looking forward to it.
I mentioned to the hubby that I was not going to have any.
He said "you're not even going to have a little taste?". He knows of my love of sugar, and how I often have a hard time saying no. My answer to him was "Nope, I have that cookie cake waiting for me when we get home. I can handle the delayed gratification".
Besides, I'm sure the cream puffs wouldn't compare to the ones my mom used to make when I was a kid, so I can live without.
Well, the kids got their enormous cream puff. They both said it was too much and they felt sick afterwards. I asked if they would ever eat one again and they both said "NO!".
We came, we saw...

Tonight we're going out to dinner at our favorite Japanese restaurant. This is a place where we know we'll get good quality, healthy food. Nothing fried or processed. We are not ordering dessert. Please, no more sugar. I really need to detox. It's the same old thing...it tastes great at the time, but then I feel like crap for hours after.

I promised myself I will drink tons of water today and stick to protein shakes until dinner. Even though I'm eating healthy tonight, I need to make up for the sugar from Sunday and Monday. I'm also pretty sure we'll be having a glass of wine when we get home, so I'm trying to plan ahead.

I had a very hard time sleeping last night so I missed my morning run. I am going to do the elliptical though, because I have no excuse not to.

I have another post rolling around in my head about the American obesity epidemic, and the stuff I saw at the fair, but that'll have to wait until tomorrow. Right now I need to go sweat!

Have a great day folks. Stay well and be strong!


KajunDee said...

Happy Birthday, glad to see your planning & moderation worked!

Caron said...

Happy anniversary. I know the struggle with sugar and mostly stay far away from it. My husband will buy one of those mini boxes of chocolates with only four pieces in it for big occasions like Valentines or anniversary. I've told him I'd prefer to skip those two pieces of chocolate, but he doesn't hear me and it doesn't keep me from eating two of them. :(

Beth Ann said...

You know, I'm usually pretty good about bypassing the sweets (not always, but usually) however, I have such a harder time with the savory snacks (you know, like deep fried bacon wrapped tater tots for example.) :-)