Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ten Things Thursday

It's Thursday. It's Random. It's Ten Things Thursday!

1. My almost 8 year old got her early birthday present today. Her birthday is in October but she was in need of a new 'big girl' bike, so we picked it up today. She is SO excited. She was singing "thank you mommy" for at least a half an hour. These are the mommy moments I live for.

2. I have officially entered the 21st century, with the rest of the free world. I now have a smart phone. I've never had one, and never really wanted one. However, when we had to update my husbands phone and add him to my plan, they offered to upgrade me for free. We went for it.
Keep in mind, I have no idea how to work this darn thing. I didn't even know how to answer it this morning when it rang! I'm sure I'll eventually get the hang of it. Or, my 6 year old will teach me.

3. I just painted my nails bright turquoise with glitter. That's the sign of an interpreter who doesn't have to work for a few days. I don't often get to wear glitter nails.

4. It was so gorgeous out today that I washed sheets and hung them out on the line. This is my favorite kind of weather. No sweat and humidity. Just beautiful sunshine.

5. I'm going grocery shopping BY MYSELF tonight. It's been tough this summer to try to get through the store with my 2 kids who want to buy everything they see. Hubby offered to spare me that headache and suggested I go after dinner. I just may get lost and never come home!
You know you're getting old when you get excited about the grocery store.

6. I've decided to have the tumor removed from my arm. Not sure if I've talked about it here before, but I have a Lypoma (fatty tumor) in my left arm. It hangs like a golf ball in a stocking, and it bothers me. I didn't want to have it removed before because it's surgery, and figured it would be expensive.
Well, we have met our deductible so now is the time to do it if I want it done.
Come to find out they remove it in a Dermatologists office! No hospital, no drugs. I go on September 6 after the kids get on the bus and I can drive myself. Why the heck did I wait so long!?

7. I slept a solid 8 hours last night without even getting up to pee. This is a small miracle. I really wanted a cup of tea about an hour  before bed but decided that a good nights sleep was more important. It worked. I woke up so well rested and happy.

8. I tried Atkins' ready to drink shakes because they were on sale. Big mistake. They taste like chalk water. Why would anyone willingly buy and consume that sludge? Never again. I'll stick to what I know I like.

9. Remember I told you my BFF had gastric bypass and was struggling with lots of problems. Well, after 3 trips to the emergency room, and several bouts of dehydration, she finally stood up for herself and insisted she wasn't going home until they figured out what was wrong. Sure enough, she had an ulcer that was causing all her nausea, vomiting, and inability to keep down food. Once they treated the ulcer, she was fine!
Her douchebag of a surgeon should have his head examined. I've heard nothing but negative things about him, but he has the market in the area because he's the only one who does weight loss surgery at that hospital. People have no choice and have to go to him. I'm sure he's a skilled surgeon, but his bedside manner is missing in action.
I'm just glad she's finally getting better and getting the treatment she needs.

10. In my last post I mentioned that I had gained some weight. Well, I'm happy to report that as soon as my T.O.M. left, the scale went back to normal. I can't believe how much weight we can gain during that time, but I'm glad it's gone. Phew!

Two more days until the Dirty Girl and my 3 Year Bandiversary! I'll be sure to post something on Saturday, and hopefully have some pictures from the big event.

Enjoy the rest of the week and be well!

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Beth Ann said...

I like that you sound so darn happy. :)