Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ten Things Thursday!

It's getting late, so I better get this out before it's no longer Thursday!

1. My kids have been selling their stuff on Craigs List. In 3 days they've made $65. I'm starting to wonder why I told them they could keep all the money!
It has been a good lesson for them though. They've been cleaning the items, helping me take pictures and post the ad, and decide on a price. It's nice to get rid of some of this stuff we don't need anymore too.
One of our customers told us she is a kindergarten teacher. The kids went through all their books and came up with a rather large bag of ones they no longer read, and donated them to her classroom. I love that they have compassion at such a young age.

2. We had open house last night at school. They start on Tuesday. They both seem ready to get back into the swing of things, which is good. I think I'm almost at the point where I'm ready to send them back too. Almost.
They're my babies, and I love having them home, but I also need routine. The gym is calling my name.

3. I so aspire to be like this woman. How freaking amazing is it that she and her husband are so dedicated to only eating REAL food, and giving the best food possible to their 2 children.

I'm trying. I think I do better than the typical American mom in this department, but I could improve greatly.

My kids have never tasted pop (except the one time when the teacher made root beer floats, which they didn't like).
They've never eaten a fast food meal (even though my older daughter had her b-day party at McD's once!).
They've never had french fries or a pop tart or toaster strudel, etc.

We do our best to buy things with short ingredient lists, and avoid crazy stuff like red dye and high fructose corn syrup. We buy organic when possible. But still, I could do better, and I will try.

4. In keeping with the above mentioned idea, I decided to make my own freezer waffles tonight. I remembered my mom used to make a huge batch and freeze them in baggies of 2 to keep for when my niece would sleep at her house. She'd just pop them in the toaster and they'd heat up just like the store bought frozen waffles.
Since I have a kid who likes to sleep til the last possible minute in the morning, and sometime is shoving a granola bar in her mouth while running to the bus stop, I thought this would be a good idea for her.

I made a double batch. We had some for dinner, and I froze the rest. She has 10 breakfasts waiting for her in the freezer now.

5. I've had a crappy food day today. I'm on carb overload and need to stop. I've been super hungry (empty band!) and have been able to eat whatever my heart desires. It's odd how some days I have those nasty phantom gallbladder attacks, which prevent me from eating at all, and others I could eat a freakin' horse! Today is a horse eating day. I guess I should check the calendar and see if Aunt Flo is on her way to town.

6. I'm going back to kick boxing on Saturday. I CAN NOT WAIT! I need a good kick ass workout. I need to sweat.

7. I made a mistake with my schedule at work and have the whole week of September 9th off. I've decided I'll use that week to get caught up on everythin that needs to be done around the house, like re-caulking the shower. I'm thinking I'd rather go to work!

8. I'm going to my new chiropractor tomorrow and I'm hoping he can work magic on my back and neck. My other one is OK, but too far away and always smells like cigarette smoke. Fingers crossed for a positive change.

9. This week is the 110th anniversary of Harley Davidson. Here in the Milwaukee area this is a HUGE deal. There are celebrations going on all over town, motorcycles everywhere, and traffic is a mess. Praying for a safe weekend for the riders.

10. Hubby has been out to lunch and dinner every day this week. His China team is here visiting so he and his boss get to wine and dine them. Every day I ask him where they went and what he ordered. I want details. I can live vicariously through him, right.

Well, it's late folks and this mama has to get up and exercise tomorrow.

Have a great night and be well!


Caron said...

There was a lot of things in that post! I hope you can get your appetite under control. I have those days too, but they are usually because I started the day with carbs. :)

Justawallflower said...

I think that is super awesome what you have done for your children. If I could do things over I would definitely regulate better what goes inhermouth. I know it's not to late to make changes, buti know so much easier when they've never had the crap.

Beth Ann said...

You are superwoman. Truly.