Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ten Things Thurday!

I haven't done a TTT post in a while. Sometimes life is just too busy to sit and think of 10 things. So, here goes...

1. In two days the hubs and I are doing our races. I'm supposed to run a 10K and he's doing a half marathon. I've never run more than 4 miles at a time, but we signed up for this race ages ago. I figured I had plenty of time to train. Well, then I got sick, and had gallbladder surgery, and then had a tumor removed, then got a sinus infection. So, with all that said, I totally suck and didn't train properly for this thing. I'm lucky if I can run 2 miles, let alone 6. But, I signed up for this and I believe in fulfilling my commitments.
I'm gonna' finish this thing if it darn near kills me.
Wish me luck!

2. The in-laws are in town and loving every  minute of spoiling the girls. We even went to school today to surprise them and have lunch with them. So cute.

3. As promised, here is a picture from my birthday weekend. We went to the zoo because it was elephant appreciation day, and the elephant is my absolute favorite animal. It's like it was all just for me!

4. I don't think I mentioned it before but after my tumor removal, which was super easy and done in a doctor's office, I was sick for weeks. I had to stick to full liquids or run the risk of puking for hours. I was getting so sad because it was like the whole gallbladder thing all over again.
Then, I was talking to one of my nurse friends who said it sounds like I'm one of the few people who have a severe physical reaction to all forms of anesthesia. That's what the hubby had said too, that it seems like my body takes a super long time to adjust after any sort of procedure. I guess he was right.
I'm happy to report that I'm back to being able to eat real food again. I even had some turkey chili last night and it all stayed down! Oh, how I have missed food.

5. Now that I can eat again, I'm finding I have forgotten how to live the bandster lifestyle. I haven't counted calories, or logged food in a journal in ages. I didn't have to. If I ate ice cream, that was fine because it was probably the only thing I'd be eating the whole day, so the calories didn't much matter.
I have to admit that yesterday while I was packing my lunch, I kept staring at what was in my bag and wondering if it was eough or not enough. I was lost!
I must get back in the routine again because my band is nearly empty, so it's all on me now.

6. We're taking the kids organic apple picking on Saturday. I'm excited to make apple sauce. Fall is my favorite season.

7. I went around and caulked all our new windows today. The installer suggested that we do that to make sure we keep all the cold air out this winter, since there can be small gaps that let in the cold. I felt like such a super woman with my caulk gun!

8. It's not even October yet and my kids are talking about Christmas on a daily basis. They can't wait. They've told me how lucky they feel that they get 3 Christmases when most kids only get 1. We have our Christmas here at home, then we drive to NY and have Christmas with the grand folks, then at my sisters house on Christmas day, so they're right, they do get 3! Lucky ducks.

9. We're celebrating my older daughter's birthday on Sunday even though it's not until next month. Since the grandparents are here, we want to do it with them. Of course when it's her actual birthday she'll get a special breakfast, and a small gift from us, but the big deal is this weekend. I can't believe she's going to be 8! Where did the time go?

10. I suppose I should get my butt up and start prepping a dinner for tonight. Sitting here, being lazy feels so good though!

Have a great night folks.
Enjoy this gorgeous fall weather and be well!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Just a Quick Update

I'd love to post a picture update about my birthday, but sadly my kids have taken over my computer...the one that holds all my pictures.

So, since I haven't posted in a while, I'll just tell you that the birthday celebrations went well. I got to have ice cream, which is usually all I want on my birthday! It was heavenly.
I also got a pedicure that was long overdue.

Hubby took my stitches out of my arm and wow, does it feel so much better with those suckers gone! I did kick boxing and body pump back to back yesterday, and it didn't hurt at all. The scar isn't too bad either.

I really wanted to donate blood on my actual birthday, especially since there had been a big appeal for donations the week prior. Apparently Wisconsin was at a dangerously low level for blood. I called the local donation center and tried to get in, and they were totally booked for the entire day! I guess they won't be dangerously low for long, huh.
I made an appointment for Friday afternoon. I brought a protein shake and a salty snack with me to have in the car on the way there, since I was doing a double at the gym that morning. I also drank tons of water that day and the day before. I was really trying to be a good little donor.
Well, all my good intentions were for naught because I was turned away.
Apparently my iron levels are too low to donate. I haven't been anemic since college! I was trying to figure out what changed.
Well, all those months leading up to my gallbladder surgery when I was unable to eat much of anything. The months of no solid protein and no vegetables at all. That is likely what caused the iron deficiency.
I haven't needed to take iron pills in decades, but I stopped at the store on my way home and bought some.
This could explain why I get so tired! I tried to give back. I really did.

Today I feel like I'm coming down with a cold. Darn school germs! Gets me every year. I make my kids wash their hands the minute they walk in from the bus, but still I got something. Yuck.

I'm supposed to do my long run tomorrow since the 10K my hubby convinced me to sign up for is a week from today. We'll see if I can breathe well enough to run. This could really suck.

Well, that's it for now folks. I promise a better post with pics soon.
Until then, be well!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Just Call Me...

Bad Ass! OK, I've never been the sort of person who would be described as tough, or bad ass. But wait until I tell you this story. You'll think I'm hard core! Remember a little over a week ago I had that Lipoma removed from my arm. The doctor was all "you can go right back to working out, No restrictions". Ha! I tried to hop down my front steps to go get the mail 2 days post-op and thought I'd die from the jiggling that happened in my arm, which caused pain. I tried to run 3 days post-op and still couldn't handle the impact of the jiggle. I power walked instead. 4 days post-op I went to the gym and did Pody Pump. I took it easy, but worked out and felt great. So, here comes the bad ass part... I decided that on Thursday, 6 days post-op, I would not only do Body pump again, but I would do Combat too. A good old two-fer! I bought an ace bandage to wrap my flappy arm up and avoid the dreaded jiggle. I wrapped that sucker up tight and got ready to kick some serious butt in Combat class. I had to take it easy on the left side but seemed to be keeping up just fine. Then, I started to feel some burning sensation in the incision area. I tried to adjust the wrap a couple times, but kept on going. Still burning, then a poking sensation. I wouldn't stop though. Had to get my sweat on! Once I got home from the gym I unwrapped and got ready to get in the shower. I decided to look at my incision wtih my magnifying mirror. Ready for this? I RIPPED A STITCH! There was the little stitch, just hanging out, not in the skin where it's supposed to be, and there was the line of separated skin where the stitch should be. Have you ever seen when someone has an earring ripped out of their ear lobe? That line that separates the two pieces of skin? Yeah, I have that. That burning sensation was actually my stitch pulling out of my skin! Is this considered a sports related injury? I've never had one of those in my life, and it would be cook to be able to say I did. Only two more days of stitches and I won't even have to worry about it anymore. My bad ass husband will remove them for me (because I'm too chicken to do it myself!). Have a good day!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I'm Blue (and red and yellow)...

and a little purple.

Here's my lovely arm.

Believe it or not this looks lots better than yesterday and the day before!

My incision is actually just under my super cool character bandages. However, the bruising goes all the way to my elbow. What's up with that!?
One of my friends is a nurse and she said that's all blood that got trapped under the skin. Lovely.

Hubby and I are going to a semi-formal charity event tonight. I'm wearing a sleeveless dress. There's no way to cover this mess up, except to keep my arms at my side.

I went to Body Pump today and did pretty well. I only did half of the push ups but was able to do all the rest of the work with no pain. I'm happy with that.

I'll try to get one of the kids to take our picture tonight since I bought a new dress for the occasion.

Have a good night folks!

Friday, September 6, 2013

"It's Not a Tumah!"

Remember Kindergarten Cop when Arnold kept saying "It's NOT a tumah" in his strong accent, but he was really saying 'tumor'.
Well, I went to the Dermo today to get my tomor removed. The technical name for it is Lipoma, which is a very common fatty tumor.
I hate the word tomor because it brings to mind cancer, but really it's just a big blob of fat that won't let go of the body.
I've likely had it for decades, but didn't know it until I lost a bunch of weight. Most of the time the doctor will say to just leave it alone, but because mine was huge, he suggested I have it taken out.

I had no idea it could be done right in the doctors office or I would have done it earlier.
I went to the Dermatologists office, he numbed me up, waited a couple minutes, and started cutting.

The worst part was hearing the cutting, digging, and snipping! I kept thinking I should have brought ear plugs. Even though I couldn't actually feel what he was doing, I could hear it and that was grossing me out big time. I just kept praying that I wouldn't feel anything while he was working in there!

Of course I asked to see the blob once it was removed and I was stitched up. That sucker was huge! I should have taken a picture of it. Even though it was attached to some other tissue in my arm and it gave him a hard time, he was able to get it out all in one piece.

I have 4 stitches. I haven't peeked yet because I'm bandaged up pretty well.
No pain so far. Just a little tugging feeling, I'm assuming from the stitches.

So, there you have it. If you have a Lipoma and have wondered if you should have it taken care of, I'm here to tell you that it's really no biggie. Find a good Dermatologist and get it done!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

And Sometimes the Universe Wins

For those of you who applauded me the other day when I posted about not letting the universe win in the battle to get to the gym, I'm here to tell you that I don't always win that battle.

There are always going to be days that we just don't make it. Today was one of those days for me.

Last night Aunt Flo came to town. She brought with her a bag of vengeance. It seems every other month (alternating ovaries?) I get hit with a period that could be compared to Satan's wrath.

Sorry if you're not a TMI lover like myself, but I'm here to tell you the real deal.
This morning I was in so much actual PAIN from our little monthly visitor, that it felt like someone left a knife in my lower abdomen. A sharp knife. A sharp knife that every so often would move around and stab me mercilessly. I actually yelped in pain more than once, like I was in labor.

Add to the pain what can only be described as hemmorrhaging (had to look up how to spell that sucker!) It's bad, and only seems to be getting worse with age.
I have an appointment with the lady doc next week for a biopsy just to be sure there's nothing serious going on in there. In the meantime, I deal with this lovely horror show every other month.

So, long story long. I did NOT make it to the gym today. I was supposed to do Body Pump. I did the class on Tuesday after takin the summer off. It's recommended you do it again in about 48 hours to release the lactic acid in the muscles. Nope. Didn't happen.
Instead, I lay in bed releasing cries of pain and desperation.

Tomorrow will be a better day for sure.
Until then, be well!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sometimes the Universe Works Against Us

I'm living proof that there are times in life when the universe is a big bitch who doesn't want anything to go our way.
Saturday I was bound and determined to make it to my kick boxing class at the gym. I've only gone to the class once the entire summer, and I decided it was time to make time for ME.

I know I need to be out of the house by 9:00 in order to get there, find a parking spot, put my stuff away, go potty, etc. Class starts right at 9:30.

Hubby was in the basement running on the treadmill. Kiddo #1 was ready to settle into an hour of mindless TV watching. Kiddo #2 was still asleep.

Here's how it went:

Kiddo #1 had to kiss and hug me about a zillion times before I could get out the door.
I finally get out of her grasp and out the door, only to get my key stuck in the lock. I could NOT get that sucker out for the life of me. Struggle, struggle....finally get the key out and hop into hubby's car.
(I leave mine home for him because it has the car seats)
Start the car and 'FUDGE' (insert any other F word of your choosing), not enough gas in the car to get me there and back, and I do NOT have enough time to stop and fill it up.
I hop into my car. Plenty of gas but dammit, where are my sunglasses?
I decide to risk getting caught up in another kiss fest with the kiddo because I really need my sunglasses. It's a super bright day and I have sensitive eyes. I see no other choice.
I attempt to run back in and grab them, but wait...
I get the key out, run in, grab the glasses without incident or emotion, and run back out.
Sigh. I must lock this damn door again because my husband is in the basement and couldn't protect my precious children from an intruder. Yes people, these thoughts do really run through my mind.
I stick the pissing me off key into the making me late lock and guess what happened?
Yeah, do I have to say it? It got stuck again. Already sweating, and not even out of the driveway yet.

WhatEVER you jerk wad of a Universe who wants me to sit home and make excuses about how I couldn't make it to class on time and therefore didn't work out.

I got the key out of the lock, hopped in my car, took a deep breath, and drove. I promised myself I would not speed, and being late really wasn't the worst thing in the world.

I got to class with not a moment to spare, and you know what happened? I kicked ass! I took all that morning frustration out in a high intensity cardio, dripping in sweat, kind of way. And it felt great!

I'm not trying to toot my own horn here. I'm actually sharing this story with you to let you know that we've all been there. We've all found one way or another to talk ourselves out of that run/walk/class/trip to the gym. But we don't have to. We can win at this game, and it feels damn good to win!

Have a healthy day.