Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I'm Blue (and red and yellow)...

and a little purple.

Here's my lovely arm.

Believe it or not this looks lots better than yesterday and the day before!

My incision is actually just under my super cool character bandages. However, the bruising goes all the way to my elbow. What's up with that!?
One of my friends is a nurse and she said that's all blood that got trapped under the skin. Lovely.

Hubby and I are going to a semi-formal charity event tonight. I'm wearing a sleeveless dress. There's no way to cover this mess up, except to keep my arms at my side.

I went to Body Pump today and did pretty well. I only did half of the push ups but was able to do all the rest of the work with no pain. I'm happy with that.

I'll try to get one of the kids to take our picture tonight since I bought a new dress for the occasion.

Have a good night folks!


Amanda RunToTheFinish said...

ouchie! I admire you wearing sleeveless anyhow and BodyPump way to go!

Beth Ann said...

I have bruises all the time. I am a clutzo. Show off those guns, girl!