Sunday, October 20, 2013

Man, I totally suck at this blogging thing.
I just can't seem to post during the week. I don't even work full time!

This week I've been doing the whole clean out the closets, pack away the summer stuff, pull out the winter stuff, and iron the stuff that's been in totes all summer.
The girls closets look fabulous. I almost took a picture but then thought that would be a little weird, right? It's just easier for them now. No more 40 degree mornings with them begging me to wear capris and a t-shirt. Out of sight, out of mind. Now, I need to do the same thing with my closet because I don't have enough room for all seasons of clothing being in there at the same time. Too crowded and cluttered.

In other news, my daughter had her 8 year old check up the other day. She did great. The doc asked her if she drinks pop and her answer was "Of course not! I'm not even old enough to drink pop!". Yay kiddo. We all laughed, but I was proud.
Unfortunately, even with all our work getting rid of processed foods, not eating out, and limiting treats, her cholesterol is even higher than it was last year. The doc is concerned. We're having her re-tested in a month, hoping that it was just a bad read.
Unfortunately, we have high cholesterol on both sides of our family. I've been on medication for it for more than 10 years. It's a family curse, and it's now affecting my daughter. I'm so sad about that. She may look just like her Daddy, but she takes after me.

Yesterday I went to my weekly kick boxing class. The instructor didn't like that there was nobody right in front of her, so guess who she yanked over? Yeh. ME. I was directly in front of her for the entire class. You know that means I couldn't half-ass it. I had to kill it the whole time! I thought I would die.
I am so sore today. That'll teach me to be in the front row!

Today I'm takin the girls to the last arts and crafts fair of the season. We go up to this place called "Holy Hill", which is just that, it's a holy place on a hill. Monks live up there somewhere. There's a huge cathedral where you can go to mass if you like. It's a gorgeous drive this time of year with all the colors. We love it. Well, twice each fall they have vendors who come in from all over the state and set up shop. My girls save their allowance all year long so they can go and buy stuff. There's a little old grandma who makes doll clothes, so my girls make that their first stop.
I'm hoping it warms up a little bit, or at least the sun comes out, because towards the end of the day we like to get a cookie, sit on a hay bale, and listen to the live music. It's a great afternoon for me and my sweet girls.
I love creating traditions!

Well, I hear tiny footsteps, which means kiddos are waking up in my house.
So, I leave you with this...

The Loves of my Life

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