Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ten Things Thursday!

Hello, and welcome to totally random Thursday!

1. Any of my readers to Body Pump? There was a new launch released this week, and I did it on Tuesday. Holy freaking calves! Usually these changes to the program are pretty minor, and I don't feel much of a difference. However, lunges are now TWO minutes on each leg, and my calves are still feeling it.
I shall return for more torture soon.

2. My kids enjoy home remodeling shows. I know it's grown-up TV, but it's usually harmless, and I figure maybe one day they'll renovate my home for me, so what the heck.
Well, along with grown-up TV comes grown-up commercials.
I heard my 6 year old telling the 8 year old...
"I think Mom wears those adult diapers. I found one in her purse once!".
Lord help me. I am not ready to have that conversation!

3. I got a bad haircut this week. Normally my husband hates when I go to get a haircut because he prefers long hair. But this time, when he said it's too short in the back, I have to agree with him.
The hairdresser was talking a lot, and not really paying attention apparently.
It's only hair. It'll grow out. *sigh*.

4. I've been seeing a chiropractor regularly for a couple months now. I have to say, it's helping.
Because of the physical nature of my job, I quite often have shoulder and neck pain. I'd learned to live with it for far too long. He's been really working on my neck and I feel so much better.
Yesterday when I got home from a long work day, instead of coming home with a headache and sheer exhaustion, I felt like a normal person and started cleaning up the house. It took me a few minutes of tidying up to realize I'd normally be on the couch rubbing my head, dreading the sound of the school bus coming down the street.
Hooray for the gift of healing hands!

5. Took the girls to the museum today. We were there for FOUR AND A HALF HOURS. I could not get them out of there. We are actually members of a different museum in the city, but had decided to give this one a try for a change. They loved it so much more than the other one. Hubby had called while we were there and I told him about it. He later called back and asked me to buy a membership before I left (they apply what you paid today towards the membership fee), so I did. Now we have 2 museum memberships and a zoo pass.
I hope these kids realize I never had any of these experiences when I was a kid. Ever!

6. I think it there's something fundamentally wrong with getting acne at my age. I am broken out like a teenager. It's crazy! I felt so stupid last week at the store buying soap for acne prone skin, medicated exfoliating scrub, and zit cream. Will that stop when I go through menopause? That sure would be a nice perk.

7. We're taking the kids to the village Halloween celebration tomorrow night. Tons of ativities, hay rides, nature walks, crafts, etc. And, it's all outside. Did you know winter has arrived in Wisconsin? It's effing cold out there people! I don't know why I get myself into this stuff, but you better believe I'll be wearing 2 coats, gloves, boots, and at least one scarf. I am not cut out for this midwestern life!

8. My kids have been asking for parfaits for breakfast these days. They're not cold cereal kind of kids, so any variety in our morning is welcome.
Here's one of their concoctions..

Layers of Greek yogurt, peaches, local honey, bananas, and some granola on top. They came up with this themselves. I'm pretty proud.

9. Today really feels like Saturday since the kids were home with me all day. Must remember not to go to church tomorrow!

10. I'm beat. These kiddos wore me out today. It was good to get out of the house and have fun all day, but I am not 6 years old. I am darn tired! I just might go to bed shortly after tucking them in for the night.
Tomorrow, I clean the house.

Have a great night my dears. Be well.

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