Sunday, October 13, 2013

Weight Gain is no Fun!

Holy smokes, I've been busy!

I really wanted to do a Ten Things Thursday post, and never found the time. Then I had planned to do a Five Things Friday, but same deal, too busy. Ha, so here I am on Sunday morning, when I should be having breakfast, or starting up the elliptical, doing a catch-up post.

I'm off the sugar. AGAIN. I had gotten pretty out of control with the sugar addiction as of late. And, since I've been able to eat normal food again, along with the sugar, the scale jumped up rather quickly. I saw my freak out number on Saturday, and I didn't like the way my pants were feeling.
The first course of action was to stop the sugar madness.

It's been 2 days with no sugar. You know what else has happened? I've stopped snacking on carbs throughout the day. I think the sugar was causing carb cravings too.
I've dropped to just below my freak out number, but not nearly far enough, so I'm sticking to this.

My daughter's birthday was yesterday. I made a nice cake. I did NOT eat any of said cake. I gave the left overs to the neighbors. No temptation in the house.

I should also mention that I didn't make it to the gym last week. Not even once. You know that's not like me, at all!
I had a freelance job on Tuesday that required me to be up and getting ready at 5am. No gym.
On Thursday I had my Upper-GI first thing in the am., so no gym.
On Friday I was so tired, dizzy, and a bit nauseous with a stomache ache from that awful Barium swallow junk, so no gym.

I did the elliptical Friday and yesterday, and will do it again today, but I need to get back to the gym.
I've written the classes on my calendar and highlighted them for this week. I will go all 3 days. No excuses.

As far as I know, the Upper-GI showed nothing of concern. I went to a new place and I actually met the Radiologist, and he had a personality! Who knew? He said everything looks good in there, and he would be sending a full report to both my general doctor and my surgeon. I guess I'm good for another year.

I hear kiddos waking up, so I will leave you with this, a picture of my favorite tree during my favorite time of year. I love the fall colors!

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