Wednesday, October 23, 2013

WTF Wednesday! My Very First One

I don't think I've ever done a WTF Wednesday post, but I sure am in the mood for it today. So here goes.

Why TF do I get myself into these things? There was a posting at work about an employee cook-off.
Make your favorite dish, bring it in to share with your hungry co-workers...maybe there will be a prize, etc.
Why wouldn't I just make some good cookies or brownies, something easy?
No. That wouldn't make sense to me. I have to make a huge, heavy crock pot full of yummy taco soup. It's Fall. My co-workers might like some comfort food. Right?

Well, keep in mind I work in the city, so the parking garage is about a block away from where I actually work. There is sometimes visitor parking available right in front of the building, but of course today it was full.
So, here's me lugging a huge ass crock pot, FULL of taco soup, from the parking garage, down the road, up the stairs, to my building for my lovely work peeps. Stupid me. Sore arms. NEVER AGAIN!
Next time, they get crackers.

WTF is wrong with those darn Blue Bunny people who make healthier, guilt-free dessert products? I bought some no sugar added fudge bars to have on hand for those times that I just have to have some chocolate. The other night I remembered they were in the freezer so I told the hubs I was going to get one and enjoy it after the kids went to bed. Here's our real conversation...

Me: This does NOT taste at all like chocolate
Him: What does it taste like?
Me: It tastes like it needs to be dipped in peanut butter and drizzled with Hershey's syrup
Him: Ok then.
Me: Seriously, YOU could even taste it and it wouldn't bother you (he HATES chocolate).
Him: I think I'll pass

Why TF is it that I can eat tons of crap that's not at all good for me, like M&M's or cereal (hypothetically), but the minute I try to eat something even remotely healthy (like the above mentioned taco soup), I get that stupid phantom gallbladder attack and can't eat another thing the entire rest of the day?
I've been burping beans all afternoon. I can't eat.
Looks like I may have to have one of those darn fudge bars!

WTF have I done wrong? My 6 year old wants to be a Daisy Scout? Lord help me.
I've never encouraged participation in such things, bu of course ALL the other girls are in it, so she must be in it too.
She tells me of her wish after the first 2 meetings have already taken place. Now I have to spend a boat load of money on registration and uniform crap that she's only going to use 8 times, for the monthly meetings from now until June.
Next year she'll be too old for Daisies and will need different uniform crap for Brownies. Great.

Well folks, I think that's it for today. I've ranted enough.
I shall prepare for the kiddos arrival from school now. They have a 4 day weekend, so they're MINE, all mine!

Have a great night.


Sarah Kopf said...

Ooooooboy! You have got a serious case of the Wednesdays! WTF!? Lololol


Dawnya said...

Peyton will NEVER know about any type of scouts. I'm willing to do anything for my kids...but that crap isn't happening. LOL

BTW...I want the taco soup recipe.