Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I Suck at This!

I haven't posted on the blog in a while. I never seem to find the time anymore.

I guess there's a few reasons for that...

First, I don't seem to get many comments anymore. I'm not sure anyone is even still reading. What happened to my followers? Sad.

Also, I started my blog to keep my friends and family back 'home' up to date on my progress. NONE of them read the blog now. Maybe I got boring after a while and they lost interest.

This is supposed to be a Lap Band weight loss blog, but I've been at the same weight for 2 years now. Maintenance isn't as exciting as actively losing, I know that.

So, I'm still here, and still plan on blogging when I can. I'm just not feeling real inspired lately.

Here's an update, Bullet Style:

  • My husband has been in China for 10 days. This single parenting stuff is no joke. It takes a lot more time to do things without his helping hand. Just 2 more days of this and then he comes home.

  • I just discovered I have some sort of gluten sensitivity. I suspected it before but then dismissed it as all part of my gallbladder issues. Well, the truth is I don't really have much gluten in my life on a regular basis. I don't eat bread, pasta, pretzels, crackers, etc. because the Band won't allow that. When I eat cereal, it's usually Chex, which is gluten free.  The other day I had a bowl of "Life" cereal instead of my usual Chex, and holy smokes was I in distress! My belly got big and hard, and I felt like I was full of gas. I called my sister who is gluten intolerant and asked her what happens if she eats something with gluten, and she described EXACTLY what I was going through. I guess I'll stick with Chex when I crave cereal, and be more observant of ingredients in other things I might eat.

         The list of foods I can't eat continues to grow. I should just live on organic vegetable broth!

  • I was not ready to welcome winter this week, but like it or not, it has arrived. Not happy.

  • I have a day off tomorrow, and I plan on getting ALL caught up on the laundry. Is that even possible? I want to hire someone just to do laundry for us, and put it all away, all the time. It's the worst job ever!
  • I'm so tired of the 'occasional treat' mentality for kids. I'm talking about how people think it's OK to give kids treats, because it's just once in a while, or a little sugar won't hurt. I'm here to tell you that THREE times this week my daughter had cupcakes and brownies for snack at school. I believe in celebrating birthdays, but there's some sort of sugary treat being doled out several times a week. In fact my 2nd graders teacher gives the birthday kid a full sized Hershey chocolate bar as a gift. This, after they've already had cupcakes for snack! It's just out of control. I guess I'm frustrated because I do my best to make healthy snacks, and teach the kids about healthy choices, and then it all gets thrown out the window at school. OK, rant is over.
I think that's it for tonight. I'm drinking my sleepytime tea and watching The Voice. I'll be in bed soon.
Have a great night!