Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Your Mom is Fat

Let me tell you about my day yesterday...

First, you should know I woke up feeling fat. I started my T.O.M. and was all bloated and gross feeling.
I had a crappy, out of control eating day.

Also, I've been feeling the effects of lack of sunlight, worse than ever before. So, I've been feeling the blues, big time. Most days it takes a lot of work just to get out of bed.

Then, on top of that, I put the extra lining in my winter coat which always makes me feel a bit like the Michelin Man, all puffy and unable to move my arms. With the sub-zero wind chills, I needed it, but didn't like it.

So, I run out to get my kids off the bus as the snow is falling and it's already getting dark, but I'm just so happy to see my little angels. We get in the house and my littlest says...

"Derek said you're fat"

Wait. What? Who the heck is Derek?
A kid on our bus.
He said I'm fat?
Yup, he said 'your mom's fat!'.
What did you say?
Nothing, we just ignored him because we know you're not fat.

In my head: Don't freak out. He's 8 years old. Don't let a stupid kid ruin your day. There's a lesson here. Use it.

In my heart: That little fucker! He doesn't know how hard I've worked to get to a normal size, and I STILL get called FAT?! I could choke the little shit!

So, I took a deep breath and said: 

"I'm a normal size woman. I'm not fat or skinny, I'm just normal. But more importantly 'FAT' is not a nice word to use to describe anyone. Even if I didn't lose a lot of weight, it wouldn't be nice to call me fat. Next time Derek says something like that, you tell him it's not nice, and that I'm calling his mother to talk to her about it".

OK, I don't have the little jerks phone number. I don't even know who he is. I can't really call his mother and talk to her about this situation. I'm sure he doesn't know that.

I want to know how these little kids already know the word 'fat', and how to use it, and how to be hurtful. Who teaches their kids these things?
I personally try every day to teach my kids to be nice and respectful. I set an example by not saying mean things about our friends and neighbors. Children learn from what they see at home.

So, the good news is that even though I was feeling crappy, I didn't let that one innocuous comment set me off and ruin the rest of my day. There was a time in my life when that was possible.
I guess I believe in myself more now, and know my truth. I can't spend my life getting caught up in what other people think or say about me.

Know your own truth.
Teach your children well.
Be well!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Fifty Things Friday

OK, maybe not 50, but seriously, I need to be better at writing regular posts. I have tons of stuff in my head and never enough time to get it out in a coherent post. So, here's what I have for you today...

1. I'm waiting for the treadmill repair guy to arrive. I'd much rather be coloring my hair, or napping, neither of which I can do until he leaves. This really sucks.

2. I was cleaning the bathroom this morning, bent over to scrub the toilet, and my brand new smart phone fell in. Love-Ly! Hubby came home, grabbed the phone, and brought it into work with him. I guess they have some sort of lab there that may be able to work magic. Let's hope so because I really can't afford to pay for a new one right now!

3. The arthritis in my knees and thumb are getting worse by the day. This pisses me off because I believe I am way too young for such ailments. I started drinking that "Joint Juice" stuff that's supposed to help with arthritis pain. Not sure how long it's supposed to take to kick in, but it isn't doing much as far as I can tell.
I may have mentioned that I work with my hands, and cannot do my job without the use of BOTH of my hands, so this sort of bites the big one.
I can't even imagine how much worse it would be if I hadn't lost 70+ pounds. What a dreadful thought.

4. I had an upper-GI and Esophogram about a month ago. Both came out perfectly normal. Glad to know my band is exactly where it's supposed to be, and nothing is amiss. However, I had 2 very horrible weeks of being unable to eat much of anything except broth and protein shakes. It seems to be better now. I ate normal yesterday and feel fine today. I'm still going to my doc next week though because it seems this problem keeps popping up periodically and I can't figure out why.
He says he can prescribe me an antispasmatic medication for when it happens, which should help.
If it doesn't, I'm fairly certain my kids will grow up thinking I'm bulemic. Not cool.

5. Moving to Wisconsin has definitely been a lesson in culture for us. Apparently there's such a thing as St. Nick day, on December 5, where kids get goodies in their stockings, or more traditionally in their shoes. I wouldn't have known about this had my youngest daughter not come home from Kindergarten talking about it. Thankfully this year I happened to be in a store and saw signs up about it, or I totally would have forgotten!
So, the kids got some cute little goodies in their stockings this morning, and they're so happy that they get to participate now that we live in Wisconsin!

6. Remember a few months ago when hubby and I ran that race together? Well, not exactly together since he did the half marathon and I did the 10K, but we met up at the end. Well, I kept saying the only part of me that hurt after the race was the tops of my second toes. It must be where my shoes hit my toe, and they were really tender for about a week or so. Then, last week while trimming my toenails, I notice that the one on my right foot is almost completely lifted up, away from the nail bed, and ready to fall off!
Is this a sports related injury, because I'd love to be able to say I have a sports injury!
If I wasn't such a baby I would just pull it off, but I can't do it. Just like I can't pull my kids loose teeth, even when they're just hanging on by a thread. I'll wait for it to fall off on its own, and be proud that I earned that lost toenail!
I know I'm weird, but you love me anyway.

7. I did not go to the gym today but I did clean the entire first floor of my house, including mopping all the hard woods. Does that count for something?

8. I'm certain my life was a lot better off before I realized there are such things as peanut butter M&M's and caramel Hershey Kisses. I could have lived forever without that information!

9. I can already feel the Seasonal Affective Disorder kicking in. I've been taking my Vitamin D faithfully every day for at least a month. I just can't stand it that it's dark out by the time my kids get off the bus in the afternoon! I'd love to crawl under the covers and hibernate until Spring, but I can't.
I turn on all the Christmas lights which I think helps a tiny bit, but I need sunshine and LOTS of it!
We are going to Florida in February, and that can't come soon enough.
I think I need a happy light. I just don't want to spend the $50 for something that might not really work.
Remind me why I said no to moving to Texas?

10. Thanks to a generous gift from the in-laws, we are able to fly home for Christmas this year! I'm so excited to not have to sit in a car for 12 hours, and not be so dependent on the weather.
That's the best gift I could have ever asked for.

Well, I think that's it for now. The repair man will be here shortly, so I better run.

I hope you're all well and keeping warm!