Thursday, January 9, 2014

TTT; Post-Op Edition

So, here I am about a week and a half after having my band removed.
What better way to inform you all of how I've been feeling than a good ole Ten Things Thursday.
Here goes...

1. When I left for our holiday vacation I weighed 165. During the band slip debacle, I got down to 157. After massive amounts of IV fluids and bloating from band removal surgery I was pumped up to 165 again.
Once I passed all the fluids and bloat I was down to a lovely 161 and stayed there for a few days.
Now that my appetite is WAY back to normal and I'm eating regular food, quite regularly, I'm back to my starting weight of 165. Well, kind of bouncing between 164 and 165.
I'll admit I'm not exactly in love with the number but it's in line with what I expected. I can't go from not eating anything, to eating normally, and not add some pounds.
I'm just hoping I can keep it in my current range and not go up any more.

2. I went back to the gym today. I was actually ready to go back on Tuesday but we had arctic temperatures and everything was closed down. I worked out. I did not die. I will go back on Saturday.

3. I bought a yoga DVD today for my non work out days. What the heck, it can't hurt.

4. When I was in the emergency room the doc there told me I was majorly anemic. Not a surprise since I wasn't eating or taking vitamins because nothing would stay down. Since band removal I can't get enough oranges or tomatoes. I eat mandarin oranges for snack every day and have tomatoes on just about everything else. I'm pretty sure it's because my body needs the Vitamin C in order to absorb iron and not be anemic anymore. Pretty soon I will look like a citrus fruit!

5. I'm regular now. All my Bandster buddies out there know that being able to do the glorious #2 every day is not something that comes easily or regularly.
With the band I could take Miralax every day, twice a day, and still maybe 'go' once or twice a week, and it was a chore.
Not anymore people! It is a wonderful thing to get up in the morning and get the job done!
Hallelujiah, Amen!

6. I have a huge stitch sticking out of one of my incisions. The glue has peeled off in parts but the stitch is poking through from under the skin. I'd love to pull it out but it seems to be attached to something or stuck in there pretty darn good. Sort of making me sick to be honest. Yucky stuff.

7. I know it hasn't been that long since surgery but I still get so darn tired in the afternoons. I'm not the sit down in the middle of the day and rest type of person. I'm ready to be back to normal with the energy level. Come on!

8. We've all been in a super deep freeze here in the midwest, and I'm ready for it to stop. I want to get out there and walk and take on the big hills again in my neighborhood. I'm ready for those super butt work out hills! Spring is what I need.

9. I bought cauliflower today for the first time in ages. I'm going to roast it with olive oil and garlic. Man, I totally missed vegetables!

10. Well folks, I'm running out of time and things to say, so I'll stop here.

Just know that I'm healing nicely and doing well since surgery. I'll try to keep everyone posted on the weight situation regularly.

Enjoy your day and stay warm!


Rhonda said...

Glad to hear everything is going well. I know you're going to be just fine with your weight - you really have taken what you've learned and I know you'll apply it to the rest of your life!

Oh, and tell that stitch to GTFO.

Caron said...

Hopefully, your strength will return soon, especially since you are improving your diet so much by adding vegetables and other good foods. Hang in there. :)

Beth Ann said...

I totally get your "regular" issue. I will tell you that Paleo has taken care of that for me, wowza! Hope you have all your energy back soon!