Friday, February 7, 2014

Denied! You Go Home Now.

Well folks, I tried to donate blood again. Once again, I was denied.

Here's the back story. I gave blood last year at this time with no problem.

I went again in September, on my birthday in fact, figuring that was a good way to spend part of my day.
My iron level was too low to give.
At that time I was training for a 10K and the woman at the blood center explained that running really depletes a woman's iron levels quickly. Once I was done running, it would probably go back to normal.

Then, when I was in the hospital with my band slip, the ER doc told me I was really anemic. No big surprise there since I wasn't eating much of anything, or taking vitamins.

Since band removal I've been eating TONS of fruits and veggies, making sure to have lots of citrus and spinach every day. Citrus (vitamin C) helps the body absorb iron naturally.

The week before the blood drive I even made more of an effort to get the iron in, adding spinach to lots of stuff every day.
It didn't work.

I haven't eaten red meat in a couple decades. I often border on vegetarian. I think I eat pretty healthy most days, but obviously not healthy enough for what my body needs.

I actually stood in the meat aisle of the store yesterday pondering my ability to stomach red meat. In the end, I just couldn't do it. It sort of made me gag just looking at it. I think I might do OK if someone else cooked it for me and I didn't have to touch the raw meat myself. Who knows.

So, for now I'm taking an iron pill every other day. I can't do every day because I get constipated. Sorry for TMI!

I will try again in a few weeks to donate blood and if I'm still not at a good level, I'll have some decisions to make about my diet.

Until then it's more black beans, spinach, nuts, and other various veggies!

Have a great night everyone, stay warm, and enjoy the winter olympics!


Dawnya said...

I can never donate blood because I'm severely anemic as well. I can't even donate blood to myself for a surgery. I have tried it all. I can't stomach the iron pills. So I just deal with being cold and lethargic and chewing ice like it's gum (one of the weird things iron deficient people do).

I eat spinach with darn near every meal...nothing. It was so low that the doctor wanted to put me on an intravenous (sp) iron treatment. NOT!!! LOL

I eat red meat maybe once a month...and that is pushing it. I don't like the bloat it leaves behind.

You will figure this out...let me know what you come up with.

Rhonda said...

I can't imagine not eating red meat. I am such a cow-eater it's not even funny.

What kinds of different ways do you like to prepare spinach? I'm always looking for new ways to get some into my diet. :)

Beth Ann said...

Awww...if you were closer, I would cook for you. :)