Tuesday, February 18, 2014

So Much Catching Up To Do!

I suck at this blogging thing. I always have thoughts of blog posts running around in my head, but then the kids need me, or my house needs cleaning, or I have to work, and it doesn't get done.

So, everyone wrote about their Valentines' Day, and of ourse I didn't. Ah, I guess that's as good a place to start as any.

Around here we make V-day about the kids. They wake up and have gifts on the table, and usually the house is decorated. I had already decorated the house earlier in the week for a play date we were hosting, but the girls did wake up to their gifts. I really shop all year long and grab things when I see them at a deep discount, so even though it looks like they get a lot of presents, I spend pennies.
They each got a new pair of sunglasses and a beach t-shirt for our upcoming trip to Florida. I threw in a couple of other trinkets and they were happy as can be.
Later in the day I volunteered at each of their V-day parties at shool. It's always fun to get to see them in action in their classes with their friends.

I made dinner, since we never go out on V-day (too many crowds and hype, not my thing). It was nice, and we had fresh strawberries for dessert, which was so refreshing in this horribly cold weather.
I really wanted to have a glass of wine but that was not possible since I knew I was doing kick boxing first thing in the morning. That class is killer when I'm at my best, I couldn't have wine and expect to get through it.

Speaking of kick boxing, I added another class to my week. I now kick box Fridays AND Saturdays, along with my regular weight lifting class on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
I remember my surgeon telling me that your body gets used to the exerise you do, no matter how hard you work out, and that it's a challenge to increase the intensity, or change things up. So, that's what I'm doing.

On top of that the kids and I have been doing a family fitness program 3 days a week, which means I'm at the gym twice a day on those days. It's tough to get through a class in the morning, and another class in the evening, but I've been sleeping great after all that activity!

And if all that wasn't enough, I do this on my non-gym days, before I get ready for work, and on Sunday...

I want a butt like that! This DVD sells at Target for $16.99 but we found it on Amazon for $6! Not sure if it's still available but I can tell you, it's worth the $6.
There are 5 exercises to choose from, and each are 10 minutes long. I choose 3 and make it a 30 min. work out. The cool thing is that it's set up so you can choose your 3 in the beginning and then play them all in a row, without going back to the main menu after each one.
No, my butt is not lifted and is a far cry from the woman on the DVD, but I'm working at it! Bathing suit season will soon be upon us, and my booty  needs some help.

Today my oldest is home from school, supposedly sick, but miraculously better now that she's not in school. I'm making her go with me to run errands later today, which I'm sure she won't mind.

We leave for sunny Florida on Saturday. After the storm we got yesterday I'm more than ready to get the heck out of Dodge. This winter has been brutal. One week won't fix that but a little sunshine sure could help!

I hope to check in again before we leave, so until then, be well and stay warm!


Caron said...

Enjoy the sunshine. It will probably lift your spirits immensely.

I'm not wishing for bad weather, but it would kind of be nice to have a few days in the low 70's and maybe a day or two of rain. Have lots of fun on your vacation. :)

Sarah G said...

Keep doing the video and your butt will be lifted!! LOL :)

Jody V said...

You are doing amazing on your exercise! OMG...I need half of your energy!
Enjoy Florida!

Beth Ann said...

I want a butt like that too! Do they have THOSE on Amazon? :-)

Rhonda said...

Have fun in Florida! xoxo