Monday, March 10, 2014

I don't Like Deprivation, and Other Stuff

I've tried going carb free, and I cheat.
I've tried doing only protein shakes, fruits and veggies, and I cheat.

I think I hate knowing there are certain foods that I can't have. I feel deprived.
I've decided that the only thing that truly works for me is tracking my caloric intake every day, which means no foods are off limits, as long as I write it down and stay under a certain amount of calories.

Sounds easy, right?

Well, I suck at that too. But, I know that it works, and I tend to stick with it longer than any of the other things. So I'm back at it.

I'm still successfully staying away from sweets. The GS cookies are untouched. I made chocolate chip pancakes for the kids the other night and didn't even eat ONE CHIP. Nada.

I've also been dairy free since the beginning of Lent.
I'm not Catholic but have always given something up for Lent since college, probably because my roommate was Catholic. For some reason when I say I'm going to do something for Lent, I don't cheat. I guess I figure God is watching!

I know I'm lactose intolerant but that doesn't usually stop me from adding cheese to foods, and then suffering from the bloating and gas I get later. Giving up dairy was the best decision for me, and it means no chocolate because chocolate is dairy too!
I can say I do feel better and less bloated.

I took the girls out for pizza the other night and I actually ordered a cheese-less veggie pizza. Yes, such a thing is possible! It was actually tasty and I didn't even miss the cheese all that much.

I am off from work the rest of the week and I have big dreams of cleaning the whole house and organizing my closet. Hubby did his closet 2 weeks ago and even though mine isn't as much a mess as his was, I still said I'd clean out mine and bring a big donation to the Goodwill. Tomorrow is the day! I think I have Spring fever.

Well, that's all for tonight. Have a great night and be well!

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Beth Ann said...

Cheeseless veggie pizza = good? Me no believe you. But I'm glad you liked it!