Sunday, April 27, 2014

I'm Back!

Sheesh, my last entry was April 4th! I knew it had been a while, but that's crazy!

First of all, we finally got a new computer in the house. You may remember daughter #1 spilled water on my old one. Well, my freelance checks started rolling in so we picked out a nice new one. We of course have new rules about food and drinks near the computer!

Then, I had 2 weeks of visitors for Easter and Spring break. The last of them just left at 5:00 this morning. There has been no time for blogging with all this activity at my house!

Today is the kids last day of their spring break. I'm sure they'll be sad to have to go back to school tomorrow, and I'll be sad to not have them with me here every day. However, I'll be glad to get back to my normal routine.

Even with the constant stream of visitors here, I have been keeping up with my exercise. I didn't get to do kick boxing this week but I did go for several family walks, some power walks on my own, did the elliptical and yoga at home, and did an extra class at the gym on the 2 days when we didn't have company in the house.
I've been eating lots of salads and staying as low carb as possible. That seems to help me maintain my weight.

Remember I gave up dairy for Lent? Well, that went so well that I decided to just live without it whenever possible. I was less gassy and definitely less bloated during Lent, so dairy is just not good for my system.
However, with the folks here this week, we did go out for pizza once. We chose a quaint little family owned pizza joint in town. We asked the server to put half the cheese they normally use on our pizza. Our whole group was fine with that, and the pizza was delicious without gobs and gobs of cheese.
I did get a little gassy later in the evening but it wasn't terrible. It was a nice treat, but now I'm dairy free again.

So, how am I doing without the band?
It's a struggle, EVERY DAY. I never realized how little I was eating before. I'm hungry all the time. I wake up hungry.
Of course you remember I had lost 8 pounds the week prior to my band removal because I was unable to eat any food at all. That weight came back almost immediately after I was able to start eating again, and I expected as much. My pre-surgery weight was around 165 and I wanted to stay there. Unfortunately I gained 10 more pounds after recovery. I know it could be worse. I've read many blogs of people who lost their band and gained 20-30 pounds right out of the gates. Yes, I'm glad that's not me, but I'm also disappointed in the 10 pound gain.
I am NOT having treats. I don't eat cookies, cake, chocolate, etc. I don't drink alcohol. I eat normal and exercise like a crazy person. It just is what it is.

I remember before the surgery saying "I know I'll gain some weight back but it's worth it if I can eat like a normal person again, and be healthy".
That was a big lie I was telling myself. It's not fine. I'm not OK with it. I hate EVERY ounce of it. I hate my body. I hate the way my clothes fit. I hate that number on the scale.
I'm sure I'll write another whole post about that another day.

For now, just know that I'm back and trying to get caught up on all your blogs (that's a lot of reading!).
I'll be posting more often now.
I hope you've all been well and are having some nice spring weather where you are.

Have a great Sunday. See you soon!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Five Things Friday

Here's my mish-mash of randomness for this week...

1. I've been to the gym every day this week. I can't believe it myself. I just made the decision that I was going to do it, and I did.
In fact on Wednesday the only way I could get in a work out at the gym (not at home), was to be at the gym for a 5:45am. spin class. I needed to be back home in time for my husband to leave for work. It was tough, and I hate morning times that start with a '5', but I did it because I feel I need to step things up a notch in the fitness area of my life. The class was awesome and I felt great the rest of the day. I even met a new person there who says she's going to try to make it an every week thing, I told her I would too, so maybe we'll keep each other accountable.

Today I did my favorite kick boxing class (Body Combat), it was a new release and it totally kicked ass! I loved every second of it.
I really thought that my knee would be bothering me from all this exercise (arthritis), but honestly, I feel fine. My hip acts up a little from time to time, but nothing that would keep me from getting in some exercise.
I have proven to myself that I CAN do it, and therefore, I should.
Here's to many more great weeks like this one!

2. My new winter coat just arrived from L@nds End. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I'm so glad I bit the bullet and went with a good quality product. I'm a cheapo in most aspects of my life, but these winters here are no joke, and I froze my butt off this year. It was awful. This sucker covers my butt, and has a big furry hood! Me and my parka are ready for anything now. Bring it on!
I would take a picture for you but remember my daughter poured a glass of water on my laptop? Yeah, haven't replaced it yet and likely won't until I get the check from my freelance job.

3. I've been enjoying the free small coffee every morning from McD's...have you gotten yours? This goes on until April 15. Get yours tomorrow!

4. I may have to take a short break from blogging. Our main laptop is a goner. The one I'm typing on right now is a VERY old one that my hubby won at work when they were cleaning out the junk from storage. It works but likely won't next week when Windows no longer supports their old operating systems. I hate that! Technology is not my friend. Why can't we just leave things alone.
I don't know much about this windows overhaul, but hubby assures me I will no longer be able to use the computer as it will be 'unsupported' and I'll get a virus.
So, unless I want to try to blog from my phone, I won't be able to post until I get the new laptop. I'll still be reading your posts from work though. I can read posts from work, but can't compose my own. Apparently they expect us to be actually working while at work. Ha!

5. Today is my house cleaning day, which really makes no sense because my kids will be home all weekend just messing it up all over again. But, I must at least get the floors cleaned in order to feel sane. So, that being said, I better get to it!

Have a fantastic and healthy weekend!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

This is No Joke. Seriously.

I hate April Fools' Day.
I'm gullible, I fall for lots of stuff then kick myself for falling for it.

In the words of one of my younger cousins "I want to punch this day in the face!". I love that.

In true April Fools Day fashion, I woke up to an overflowing toilet that wouldn't stop and required the use of many towels, all that now need washing. Lovely start to the day, I must say!

Also, well this was technically over the weekend, not today, but daughter spilled a glass of water on my laptop. Water and electronics do NOT mix.
I was just contemplating how to use the extra money I earned doing a freelance job last week. Now I know.
Children will not be allowed to use the new laptop. End of story.

In other news, we had a gorgeous weekend here in the Midwest. We actually got to to OUTSIDE more than once and didn't require hats, gloves, coats, boots, snow pants, etc. It was glorious.
Today, however...different story.
Cold and wind have returned. Happy Friggin' April First!

I'm so cold I'm ready to go get in the hottest shower known to man and stay there until I'm red like a lobster.

I ordered a huge, warm parka today. Picture big furry hood.
L@nds End was having a clearance and an extra 25% off, and free shipping. Can't beat their quality, so I went for it.
I will be totally prepared for the sub-zero temperatures next winter (or next week with our track record!).

I wanted to share with you my new philosophy, which has nothing to do with April Fools, but I'm sharing it anyway.

Start the day off poorly and you will end the day poorly. 

This is true for me 100% of the time.

Yesterday I had a protein shake for breakfast and felt fine. On my way out the door I grabbed a big handful of Berry Berry Kix, which I NEVER have in the house but had bought as a surprise for the kiddos. They're not allowed to have sugary cereal, so this was a huge treat for them.
Just one handful, no biggie, right? WRONG.

The entire rest of the day was a big ole crap fest of an eating frenzy. I was on a carb mission and couldn't stop myself.

So, my new motto is if I start the day off on the wrong foot, it will end on the wrong foot. Period.

Do yourself a favor, start each day off right. You'll be thankful you did.

That's all for today my friends, I hope you're having a warm and healthy day. No April Fools' for you!