Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ten Things Thursday, the Quick Way to Catch Up!

Man I totally suck at this blogging regularly thing. I thought I would have more free time once the kids started back at school, and that hasn't turned out to be true.
I have a million blog posts rattling around in my head, but for now, let's just do a TTT, and call it a day!

1. I'm working out a ton lately. I've even done a couple 'double' days. It always feels great while I'm doing it, but man do I feel old the next day!
The brain refuses to accept what the body already knows. We are getting old, and it hurts.

2. My older daughter started a running program for girls last week. She really didn't want us to sign her up, and thought there would be nothing fun about it. However, a friend of hers from school was going to do it too, so we were able to convince her to at least give it a try.
Her exact words were "I wish I had a time machine that could zoom me right to Saturday".
I am one happy mama!
They meet twice a week. They talk about girl stuff. They stretch, exercise, play fun games, run, skip, jump, and have fun. I'm pretty sure this is the best money I've ever spent.
My daughter is a runner!
She has her 9 year old check up at the doc next month and if that woman talks to me AGAIN about my daughters BMI, I may have to take my business elsewhere.

3. My birthday was last week. I guess I should have written about it but turning 43 isn't exactly a big, exciting milestone.
We went out to dinner as a family for sushi. I declined the free dessert because let's face it, a battered and fried banana is no substitute for birthday cake. No thanks.
On my actual birthday evening I had a work thing that I could not miss, so the hubby and I went out for lunch together. We rarely get to go anywhere sans kids, so it was nice to just be together. We had Thai food. Again, no dessert (another check in the good choice column for me!).
He got me a gift certificate to a local salon where I can go with the girls and get pedicures. I thought that was so cool. They're pretty 'girlie' and like some pampering, so we will thoroughly enjoy that gift.

4. Husband got a new car on my birthday. Doesn't sound fair, does it? Well, we were not planning on that expense, but turns out he had a cracked head gasket! On a nearly 10 year old car, that kind of repair would have been silly, so a new car was a must.
My man is very basic when it comes to these things. He actually found the car on line, called the dealer, and did the deal entirely over the phone. He does not care about color. He doesn't even have automatic locks!
I asked him how the new car is and his response was "It's a car. It get's me to work every day".

5. I had my annual lady check up recently. I then had to go for an ultrasound because I have lots of problems with the monthly visitor. The doc was suspecting fibroids (lots of cramping, heavy bleeding, back pain, anemia, etc.).
Turns out my lady parts are all in order. No fibroids. Just getting old. Doc thinks I'm heading into peri-menopause. That, my friends, can last 10 years.
Yeah, isn't that awesome?!

6. This is my favorite time of year. I absolutely love the change of colors on the trees. When we lived in Illinois, I missed the rolling hills covered with colorful trees. Everything was so flat and plain.
Now that we're in Wisconsin, I have that again and I never take it for granted.
Here's one we spotted on the way home from school the other day. My 7 year old took the picture.

7. I'm in a big cooking funk lately. I can spend $150 at the grocery store, come home, and have no idea what to feed my family. It's so frustrating. I really wish I was one of those people who could plan out meals for the week or the month. Life would be so much easier.
I've decided I need to go through some crock pot recipe sites and pick out a few to try. I must get out of this slump. If you have any you love, please feel free to share!

8. The in laws are coming in next week. We'll have my daughters birthday party a little early so they can be here for the festivities. We love it when they're here. Not only do we usually get to sleep in, because the kids go to the grandparents at the crack of dawn instead of to us, but I take off work while they're here! Hubby and I also might be able to go on a date while they're here to hold down the fort. That's a pretty darn good deal if you ask me.

9. I think my stomach is still not yet back to normal shape. I've noticed quite a few times after I eat or drink, I get a gurgling up my esophagus. I can't tell you how many times I have to mute my phone at work so I can let it out! It's embarrassing. I also have LOTS and lots of stomach noises every day. Weird.

10. I am reading "The Fault in our Stars" right now. I know most of the rest of the reading world has already read it or seen the movie, but it took forever for a copy to become available at the library. I really wanted to read the book, then see the movie. I can tell you I AM HOOKED. It's a great read.

That's it for now folks. I haven't even had time to take a shower yet today, so I must leave you now. I stink.
Have a great night and enjoy this awesome fall weather!


Dawnya said...

I haven't blogged in almost a year. However, I still try to read. I rarely comment. It seems that a lot of the blogs I used to read have been taken over by spammers. Weird.

I think you and my son have the same birthday. I'm glad you are doing well even without the band. Good job.

Beth Ann said...

This post made me realize how much I miss hearing from you. Big hugs! I need to send you some of my fave easy recipes.