Friday, January 30, 2015

It's Thursday! Or at Least it Was When I Started Writing This Post.

My favorite day.
Ten Things Thursday.
I need a random day because apparently putting together a full blog post seems to be beyond my ability these days.

Here goes:

1. I'm still mostly on my deprivation diet. I say mostly because the day before my T.O.M. started I pretty much ate everything that wasn't nailed down. Carbs were calling my name that day.
I haven't weighed myself again because of T.O.M., and hopping on the scale right now would be sadistic.

2. My kid is sick. Again. We were all sick between Christmas and New Year's, and now the kid has it again. I hate school germs.

3. Remember when I mentioned in my last post that hubby was in China on business? Welp, turns out he's going again on Monday. Telling the kids that Daddy is leaving again, even though he just got back, was real fun. He really shouldn't have unpacked.

4. I have discovered roasted vegetables. Oh my, when I roasted a head of cauliflower with garlic and onions, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.
Hubby and I ate the whole darn thing ourselves and  wished we had more. I'd say there are worse things in life.

5. I'm taking the girls to Disney on Ice next week. We've never been and I've always wanted to take them. Tickets are pretty expensive for this stuff, and I could never justify the expense. I happened to have a coupon code for 30% off, and still had some money left from my Bingo winnings a few months back (did I ever post about that?)...and since it's just us girls next week, I figured it's time. My oldest is almost too old to even want to go to such things, so I want to do this before it's too late. I hope it's awesome!

6. My new favorite beverage is steaming hot decaf coffee with a scoop of chocolate flavored protein powder and stevia. Yummmm, it's like grown up hot chocolate.

7. I don't love football (understatement) but there is a slight chance I will watch some of the big game this weekend. My brother has a very good friend who is a referee for the game. Because of his job, I've learned about the game a bit more, and my husband is so stinkin' happy that I just might sit and watch more than the commercials with him this year!

8. Couldn't go to my weight lifting class yesterday due to a work thing. Going tomorrow to make up for it.

9. We went to see American Sniper today. No matter what you feel about the war in Iraq (I'm not a supporter), you will walk away with a greater appreciation for our military. I can't even imagine doing the job they do every day. It was an amazing story.

10. It's 4:00 and I have no idea what's for dinner. That's my problem. Lack of planning. I just went shopping yesterday, you'd think I would have figured out something to feed these people!

Well, that post took me a very long time to write due to many of life's interruptions.
Maybe I'll get to write more when the hubs is out of the country and the kids are in bed.
Until then, be well!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Down 6 pounds in 6 days

I've gotten back to the business of losing weight.
I've been so disappointed in myself and my weight gain for so long, I decided enough was enough.
The scale just kept going up and up and up.

After Christmas, even though I avoided all sweets and alcohol, my size 14 jeans were getting uncomfortable. For those who have followed me for a while, you know I spent many years at a nice size 10. Then my band was removed and all hell broke loose.

So, how have I managed to lose 6 pounds in less than a week?

Complete and utter deprivation of any food enjoyment.

Absolutely NO sugar
NO dairy (I'm lactose intolerant)
NO gluten (I was getting bloated after eating anything with gluten)
NO bread, NO pasta, NO rice.
NO snack foods
NO peanut butter (my downfall)

Let's just say, I don't do much chewing these days. I'm doing a mostly liquid diet.
Protein shakes for breakfast and lunch. Maybe a veggie burger and a piece of fruit for dinner. Lots of decaf coffee or green tea in between.

You might think this is extreme, and I do too, except that I know my metabolism is so messed up from years of yo-yo dieting, then having the band, and then not having the band, that a 'normal' diet doesn't work for me.
The week we were back home with our family for Christmas, I gained 4 pounds just by eating normal, healthy meals. We're not talking fried foods or fast foods. My in-laws eat a very healthy diet full of whole grains and vegetables. Fruit for dessert.
It's just that I CANNOT eat 3 normal meals a day and maintain my weight. I just can't.

So, now that I'm at the end of my first full week of this 'deprivation diet', let's see where things stand.

My sugar cravings are almost completely gone.
I made chocolate chip pancakes for my kids yesterday and did NOT even take a nibble.
I now make my kids lunches without sneaking in a pretzel or two. That was a hard one.
My jeans are loose again.
I feel better and less bloated.
My face is less puffy.
I pee ALL the time. It's pretty annoying.

So far, this is what works for me. I'm not saying I can stick to this for the rest of my life. I know there are always going to be social gatherings or times when I just have to eat out, but at least I finally found something that actually works for me.

I do have to say it's been easier to stick to it this week because my husband has been out of the country. I'm not cooking for him so I just give the kids something simple while I have my plain veggie burger or shake. Once he's back and we're eating at the dining room table as a family again, this may get a bit more difficult. However, now that I've detoxed from the sugar, I'm hoping I have the strength to stick to it.

I sure could use you guys, my faithful readers for encouragement and support.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

The 2 month recap

How is it possible that 2 months have passed and I haven't written a post?!
I can't even believe it myself. I think about blogging all the time. I just never get around to actually doing it. It doesn't help that I have 2 kids who always need the computer for something, and I rarely get to use it.

Here's what's been going on around here:

It's -4 friggin' degrees out. I want so badly to run/walk outside. I tell my husband that I'm very delicate and if I went out in this weather, I would surely die. Immediately.
Meanwhile, he doesn't even wear a coat. Silly boys.

Our Thanksgiving plans were derailed by rioting in Missouri, so we went out to dinner for the first time EVER in my whole life. The meal was surprisingly good. Then we went to a hotel downtown so the kids could play in the pool and have a change of scenery. And mostly because if we sat home I would surely get depressed thinking about how I miss being with my family.

Right before Christmas we had 2 bathrooms remodeled. Not a full tear out, but definitely a nice face lift. It helps that the hubby works for a company that sells vanities, sinks, faucets, etc.
Our house was in 'construction mode' for a couple weeks, and it nearly drove me crazy.

Kids bath. New floor,vanity, and paint.

Santa came to our house the week before Christmas since we wouldn't be here on actual Christmas. It was super fun because the girls had written a letter to Santa asking if he could come early, but they weren't sure if he would actually do it. I guess he really does read his mail!

Late night wrapping  No make up

We went back "home" to NY for Christmas and it was awesome. We got to see lots of cousins who we rarely ever get to see. The kids were loving every minute of it!
There was also an announcement of baby news, so I'm going to be a great Aunt again in late summer. So exciting.
As much as we loved the visit, we were all ready to get back here and back to our regularly scheduled lives. We wanted our own beds, and our own foods, and our own routines.
We were flat out exhausted.

Then, everyone got sick.

Both kids had fevers touching 104. It was a scary couple of days but I was so grateful that at least they weren't sick while we were away.
The coughs and fatigue lingered on into the new year, but we just took a few days off and watched lots of movies, played games, and gave ourselves permission to be lazy.
We were all better in time for work and school (much to the dismay of a certain 9 year old).

Hubby is on his way to China right now. Well, he's on his way to Chicago to catch a flight to China. He goes several times each year, so we should be used to it by now, but we're not. It doesn't help matters that an AirAsia plane recently crashed, or fell out of the sky. Scary stuff.

I'm taking the girls to a play this afternoon to keep their minds off missing daddy. Should be fun.

On the weight loss/healthy living front, I'm still exercising every day.
Still doing my yoga DVD's about 3 times a week. Doing weight lifting at the gym twice a week and doing the elliptical at home on non-gym days.
I asked for Hop Hop Abs for Christmas, and got it. It's definitely a good cardio work out, but I'm not positive that it's really focusing on my abs. I'll keep doing it because it gets my heart rate pumping, which is what I need right now since I can't get outside much.

Still off the sugar and feeling great. I fell off the wagon a bit while we were in NY, but I realized pretty quickly that I felt like crap and was tired all the time, so as soon as we got back, I got back on track. Feeling good again.

I think that's it for now. I'm sure other stuff happened over the last 2 months that I'm forgetting about, but that just means I need to be better about blogging more often!

If I have any readers left, I hope you're all keeping warm and well.