Friday, March 20, 2015

Self Imposed Bed Rest

It's 10am. and I'm still in bed. Well, technically I got up and got the kiddos off to school, then hopped back in bed. And, truth be told, I don't really like it!

Here's the thing.
I may have mentioned before that in my old age, the dreaded T.O.M. is downright horrendous. I hemorrhage every month to the point that I wonder how I can still be alive after losing so much blood. Every month I become anemic too, as an added bonus.

I've talked to the doc about it and done loads of research, and aside from having a medical procedure (that my insurance won't cover), they all say the same thing. BED REST on the heaviest days.

Ha, that's comical. When does a working mother of 2 active kids get a chance for bed rest? Unfortunately my heaviest days usually fall on the day that I have to be on my feet, or have a million things to do that can't be rescheduled.

Except for today. Today for the first time ever, the heavy day is happening on my day off from work and I have no other plans. So, I'm giving rest a good try.

I had my coffee in bed.
I filled out permission slips for the kids in bed.
I watched some old episodes of Dateline in bed.
I'm now writing a blog post from my bed.

And it's only been 90 minutes.

I know I can't take much more of this. I am not made from the resting type of people. My people find stuff to do even when it seems everything is done. We do not sit idle.

While sitting here I'm thinking about how I could be cleaning out and organizing the hall closet since it's the first day of spring.
I'm also thinking about how I could be prepping dinner, or putting up the rest of the Easter decorations. Cleaning the toilets? Wiping the toothpaste off all the bathroom mirrors? Catching up on laundry. There's always laundry!

Nope, I'm forcing myself to sit here, and getting anxious, all because of this stupid monthly visitor that is trying to kill me. That's my day so far.

Soon I will get up because I haven't even had breakfast, except for a scoop of protein powder in my coffee.
Sitting here with my feet up, while a very nice thought, is just not me.
I tried. I think I'm done.

Have a wonderful, and restful weekend you guys!


#fatfreefloozy said...

Oh! You poor thing! My sister gets the same thing. She can't rest either! Hers are so heavy she has literally worn a maternity pad and flooded the floor in front of me. I have no answers, but lots of hugs from far away xox

Sarah Kopf said...

I get this like you wouldn't believe! I, unfortunately, am prone to ovarian cysts as well. And why they burst---like three weeks ago---I am in HELL! I'm so sorry that you're experiencing the same thing. :(