Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Birthday Cake Boss, and Other Thoughts

Hello Peeps!
Since I last wrote, we had another birthday in our house. My baby girl turned 8. I kept telling her all month that I wasn't going to allow it, that we'd just say she was 7 for another year, but she wasn't having it.
This kid is very tech savvy and likes to search for video tutorials on line. She found the cake she wanted for her birthday and that was that.
I can bake, but I am no cake boss. Didn't matter, this kid wanted this cake, and it had to be done.

So, here are a couple pics so you can ooh and ahh about how awesome I am as a mother...

Why yes, those are Peeps all around the outside, and pastel M&M's around the top. Because that's what the kid wanted, so that's what she got!
This sucker took 2 cake mixes, an insane amount of food coloring, and a truck load of frosting.
Are you wondering how much cake I ate?
Nope, remember sugar is my crack, so all the left overs went home with the parents.
I did steal a few M&M's off the top, because I am human after all, but felt I made a good decision to send the rest away so I wouldn't be tempted. I even tossed out the extra frosting.
I wish I had a pic of before it was cut, but those are on my phone.

Honestly, the cake wasn't that hard to make. The most time consuming part was placing the M&M's on the top in such an intricate pattern. However, all the parents and kids were totally impressed and couldn't believe I made it, so I'm now the mother of the year. I have them all fooled!

In other news...
I'm learning to say NO.
I've decided life is too short to do things that I don't enjoy.
Example: I've been teaching Sunday school here pretty much since we moved in and found a church. I don't particularly care for the job, and me being in Sunday school leaves my husband in church alone. I'd like to sit with him during worship. I know it's a small thing but I've decided I'm not going to do it any more.
Also, I help out in the library one day a week at my  kids school. I don't like that job either. I do plenty of other volunteer things in the school all throughout the year, but the book shelving thing isn't my favorite. So, I'm not doing it any more. I'm learning to say NO.

My time is precious. I could be doing something else that I find more rewarding. I might sign up to do a shift at the local food pantry instead.
Who knows what it will be, I'm just happy I'm learning to say no to the things I don't really want to do!

And more other news...
I signed my kids up for zumba at my gym.
How fun is that? I really hope they like it. It's only 30 minutes,once a week, but hopefully it'll be a fun form of exercise for them and they'll enjoy it.
Parents are not allowed in so I'll use that 30 minutes to work on the leg machines. I did already to to Pump this morning, but my legs could use the extra help for sure!
Then I'll be right back there before the sun rises for my Wednesday spin class. You'd think I would be skinny, right? Ha!

That is all for now. I must go mop my kitchen because, as I tell my kids "If the president came to visit, I'd be so embarrassed right now!".

Have a great night.


Sarah Kopf said...

Happy birthday to your kiddo! Beautiful cake!


Beth Ann said...

A. Awesome cake, mama!

B. Good. For. You. Truly. I'm not saying that no one should teach Sunday school, but no one should be doing things that they really just don't want to do. There are millions of ways to give of yourself and it is so important to find the thing that energizes and motivates you...not drains you.

C. I absolutely can't wait to see you!